Staged homes sell faster and for more!*

88% faster actually, and for 20% more on average.*

Why? Because a staged home boosts a buyers perceived value of the home. 52% of seller’s agents say that staging a home increases the dollar value offered!** That’s why selling agents love a staged home, as most sellers see a return on investment of over 400%!**

Let us not forget the main reason these statistics are what they are- people LOVE walking into a staged home. When a home is staged in a warm and welcoming fashion it’s easier for buyers to imagine themselves already living there. Through the creative use of style, color, and furnishings, buyers are encouraged to move from one living space to another. This principle applies virtually as well. Potential buyers are more likely to add a staged home to their “must see” list!

Staging for the win!

**National Association of Realtors
Staging Statistice Infographic